Comp. Dress Standards: revised 2013

(1) The acceptable standard of dress is taken to be dark or light coloured dress slacks, dress shoes, plain coloured shirt or TEAM/CLUB logo polo shirt or dress blouse complementing female attire, with ties being optional for home and away matches.

(2) Bow ties shall be optional for competitors during individual and teams finals events. Match referees shall wear a bow tie for all individual and teams finals events.

(3) The following items of dress are not acceptable at any time- (a) workwear of any type,  jeans, shorts, track suit components, polo neck jumpers, T-shirts, shirts without collars, thongs, sandals, striped footwear; or (b) any other item of dress deemed unacceptable by the Board.

(4) A player contravening the standard of dress as set down by the Board can be requested to conform or the team concerned may be penalised-