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Snooker results for Rd 1 are posted

2021 Snooker draws have been posted under the fixtures tab

Please Note: Dress code has changed for season 2021 please see your team captain or club representative if you are unsure, penalties will apply.

Home Captains to be responsible for sanitizing rests and table rails before start of each match











1.  All non playing members must wear masks inside venues

including referees

2. Players are not required to wear masks whilst playing but are encouraged to do so

3. All other rules  such as social distancing, hand sanitiser etc are to be observed as per usual

4. Don’t come if you are unwell


Billiards results for Rd 3 have been posted

Handicaps for Billiards season 2020

Div 1: David Collins 250    Robbie Chilcott 150

Div 2:  Dale Kent   100

handicaps are subject to review at the discretion of the Board

Update 27/6/20     re: Competition restart

The board has decided to proceed with the Billiards Season


Minimum safety regulations

Physical Distancing

In addition to the 1.5m spacing, Victoria has determined that there must be no more than 20 people per enclosed space. Each table in a venue should only have 2 players – There are no handshakes, high fives or similar permitted.

Sanitise and minimise the use of shared equipment.

The bed cloth is to be ironed regularly during opening hours.

The scoreboard should also be cleaned and disinfected before and after play.

Hygiene, Cleaning and Disinfecting.

Stay at home if Unwell.

Contact Tracing.

All clubs must maintain a sign in register with all visitor names, date, time in & out and contact phone or email

Vulnerable Players are recommended to check with their doctor if concerned.

The GSBA asks everybody to consider their vulnerability, and there is no problem with people electing not to return to play yet.





Health Warning

Given the current concerns about the spread of Coronavirus, the GSBA Board wishes to bring to the attention of its members the following.

Handshaking is something we do in our sport every time we meet our opponents and typically at the start and end a match. One of the precautions advised by Federal and State Health Authorities is to avoid contact such as handshaking.

Therefore, and in the best interests of all, the Boards position is that handshaking is no longer recommended while this global threat looms over us.

Robert Young

Brief summary of the timed match rule
If the third frame
  • begins before 1hr 20mins has elapsed the frame will conclude at 1hr 45mins with the frame awarded to the player with the higher score
  • Begins after 1hr 20mins have elapsed then the frame will be played with 6 reds and will be played in its entirety
  • begins after 1hr 45mins have elapsed the frame will be a black ball only
NOTE: Captains may agree prior to the commencement of play to play all frames out and not use the clock

Billiards Singles Champions

Div 1 Robbie Chilcott

Div 2  Graham Whale

Bailey & Dickenson Trophy

Craig Bennett

Keith Davidson Invitational

Graham Whale

Notice to all team captains

Teams must play players in order of merit.

Penalties will apply to teams not doing the right thing.

Penalty will be forfeit of both match points.

 For Example 

A player playing in the number 1 position  can only play in positions 1 or 2

                           and a player playing at number 4 can only play in positions 3 or 4. 

                           Any Issues with this please contact Robert Thomas                                

Committee for season 2020
President – Robert Young
Vice President – Robert Thomas
Treasurer- Las Ifka
Secretary – John McCarter
Statistician – Rod Vincent 0418407888




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