(partners with the Victorian Rail Institute)

(Tuesday 12th Feb 2019 at the VRI )

Committee for season 2019

President – Rodney McCallum

Vice President – Robert Thomas

Treasurer- Las Ifka

Secretary – John McCarter

Statistician – Rod Vincent 0418407888


It is with great sadness that i inform you all that yesterday

we lost a old member of the GS&BA

In Bruce Michel


To all Captains please note Failure to send score sheet through to

Rod Vincent by 5pm the day after your match, the team will be penalized with a 12 nil defeat.

It is not hard to take the photo and text it through.

the quicker we get results the quicker the ladders can be updated. 

Round 6 ladders are up.

All teams have a bye over Easter weekend

Hello to all players 2019 draws have now been posted.

Can all score sheets please be sent to Rod Vincent  0418407888

Dale Kent to be handicapped 3 Black (24pts) per frame

Notice to all team captains

Teams must play players in order of merit.

Penalties will apply to teams not doing the right thing.

Penalty will be forfeit of all 3 frames.

 For Example 

A player playing in the number 1 position  can only play in positions 1 or 2

                           and a player playing at number 4 can only play in positions 3 or 4. 

                           Any Issues with this please contact Rodney 0467474394.                                






The GS&BA encourage members to sign up for a membership at the VRI.

To join,  simply go to www.vri.org.au and click onto ‘Join Now’ and fill in your details.

Benefits of being a member are huge discounts on accommodation, cinema & AFL tickets, 15% theme park attractions, discounts on dining, leisure, events and entertainment. Well worth the membership!!