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Week 1 Finals results.

Division 1.

1st Semi – GPC Assassins defeated Shell Sopranos 7-1

2nd Semi – GPC Cats defeated VRI Generals 7-1

Division 2.

1st Semi- Shell Jokers defeated Shell Dragons 7-1

2nd Semi – VRI Hornets defeated GPC White 7-0

****Finals week 2 schedule****

Division 1 Preliminary Final Tuesday 26th June 7.00pm.

VRI Generals vs GPC Assassins. Venue – Shell Club.

Shell Sopranos to referee.

Division 2 Preliminary Final Monday 25th June 7.00pm.

GPC White vs Shell Jokers. Venue – VRI.

Shell Dragons to referee.

IMPORTANT- Losing team from Preliminary Finals are required to referee Grand Finals following week. Penalties will apply for failure to do so.

****Snooker Singles**** 

(Updated 18/6/2018)

Snooker singles draw now available in 2018 fixtures tab. 

Top named player to contact opponent to organise time & venue to play within timeframe allocated. Any issues contact R McCallum.

Attention all players

Please be aware of by-law 13.1 regarding walkovers.

13. Walkovers:
(1) Where a walkover is conceded the responsible team shall pay a match fee for each of those nominal positions affected by the walkover.

Teams not adhering to this by-law may be liable to loss of match points at the GSBA Board’s discretion.

Important announcement.

Effective immediately the time per match by-law (5.4) has changed.

All snooker frames will now be completed in the following manner. When there is more than 20 minutes of the 1 hour & 45 minutes remaining, a new frame will commence and be completed entirely. When there is 20 minutes or less of the 1 hour & 45 minutes remaining, a new frame comprising 6 reds only shall begin and be completed entirely. Any handicaps will be reduced by 50% for the 6 red frame.

All teams please note:

GSBA bylaw 12.1: In all home and away match the host club shall provide a competent referee who may optionally be assisted by a marker.

GSBA bylaw 5.4: Matches to be timed to a maximum time of 1hour & 45mins.

  Once the time expires, the match/frame is deemed completed and which ever player is leading that frame will win the frame. Should the frame scores be level when the time expires, it will then be a re-spotted black ball game. AND any remaining  frames have not commenced – again – it will be a re-spotted black ball game.   

The 2018 Snooker Fixture is now available. Please click onto the below link for fixture details.

The season commences next Monday 12th February 2018


Format will be a 10 team handicap competition – The top 4 teams will be in Division 1 finals and next 4 teams will be in Division 2 finals.

Handicaps – When a Div 2 side plays a Div 1 side – Handicap start will be: #1 player > 24 pts, Player #2 > 16pts, Players # 3 & 4 > 8 points (players must play in order of ability).

(exception for Dale Kent and Gary Scarlett who will play in a division 2 side, they are classed as Div 1 players so they have to give start accordingly – unless they play each other.)

Div 1 Teams – Shell Sopranos, VRI Generals, VRI Spartans, GPC Cats & GPC Assassins

Div 2 Teams – Shell Jokers, RSL Titans, Shell Dragons, VRI Hornets & GPC White




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